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ADQ General Regulation


This course will enable the participant to demonstrate a deep understanding of European Commission Regulation 73/2010 , name and explain the means of compliance, level of implementation and the respective assessment and audit process. AIS Knowledge is a prerequisite. Teaching methods include Classroom. This course is open to current and future AIS/AIM Officers. This course is administered with a minimum of 4 participants.

Course content

Regulation 73/2010

  • Deep view of the ADQ Regulation
  • Objective and background to the ADQ Regulation
  • Implementation. ESSIP/ LSSIP
  • Guidance on the Planning of the Implementation of the ADQ Regulation
  • ADQ Guide, Maintenance
  • Audit and Compliance
  • EUROCONTROL means of compliance
  • EUROCONTROL specifications
  • DAL/DQL, AIXM Conceptual Model
  • Other means: CRC, Digital Signature, Encryption
5 days
Price per participant:
1,950 EUR

Scheduled dates

None, request by mail