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ADQ Requirements & Implementation


This course will provide the participant with a deep knowledge related to the Aeronautical Data Quality regulation, the different processes to comply with it. The course will support surverors of data, airports, and AIM officers to apply the requirements of the Aeronautical Data Chain, the quality assurance of the data management to grant the required levels of accuracy, resolution and integrity.

Course content

With a complete study of the ADQ Regulation (EC 73/2010), the participant will have a guidance on the planning of the implementation and different strategies followed by different actors. The deep analysis of the regulation, the list of citations and recitals, how to establish an audit and check the compliance level. List the Means of Compliance and Specifications from EUROCONTROL, Analyse the Data Assurance Levels, Data Quality Levels, Aeronautical Information Conceptual Model (AICM), state the most important aspects for Data Originators, including the SLA and SLS related to ADQ.


Regulation 73/2010

  • Deep view of the ADQ Regulation
  • Objective and background to the ADQ Regulation
  • Implementation. ESSIP/ LSSIP
  • Guidance on the Planning of the Implementation of the ADQ Regulation
  • ADQ Guide, Maintenance
  • Audit and Compliance
  • EUROCONTROL means of compliance
  • EUROCONTROL specifications
  • DAL/DQL, AIXM Conceptual Model
  • Other means: CRC, Digital Signature, Encryption


5 days
Price per participant:
1,950 EUR

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