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AIM Advanced

AIS to AIM towards SWIM


The course will bring the participant a global overview of the evolution from AIS to AIM, and provide with the main concepts and considerations needed for the transition to AIM and SWIM.

Course content

  • Need for AIS development. Requirements and challenges
  • The global ATM Operational concept, ICAO GANP
    • Quality Management Systems
    • ISO 9000 Series and QMS within EAD
    • Focus on Quality (Phase 1, step 17)
    • ADQ – Aeronautical Data Quality Implementation
    • Data Quality Monitoring
    • Data Integrity Monitoring
    • Use of automation – Data standardization and digital data exchange
    • Concept of electronic AIP, electronic terrain and obstacle data
    • Reference to AIS Data Process (ADP) and Static Data Process (SDP)
    • AICM and AIXM. Overview and concept
    • Digital NOTAM concept
    • Phases for transitioning to AIM
    • Consolidation
    • Going Digital
    • Information Management
    • Steps for transitioning to AIM. Overview and analysis of the 21 steps
    • AIS to AIM Roadmap Timeline
    • AICM (Aeronautical Information Conceptual Model)
    • AIXM (Aeronautical Information Exchange Model)
    • Electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data
    • Airport Mapping Database. Applications
    • Integrated Briefing
    • Digital NOTAM
    • SWIM – System Wide Information Management
    • SWIM Objectives, principles and benefits
3 days
Price per participant:
1,400 EUR

Scheduled dates

  • Nov. 1, 2021 - Frankfurt