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At the end of the course participants will be able to apply the acquired knowledge in their professional activities, in areas such AIS, flight procedures design, airport operations or flight charting. Also, they will understand the basic underlying principles that are supported by eTOD.

Course content

The course is divided in several modules where the following topics will be discussed:

• The eTOD’s justification, need and regulatory and institutional framework
• Digital terrain models, obstacles, data modelling, digital terrain models,
metadata, reference systems, spatial data quality, data product specification (DPS),
geographic information systems data and provision using Web services
• The main stakeholders and their eTOD needs in the AIM data chain
• The applications in which the obstacle and terrain data sets can be used
as these in accordance with the data quality requirements,
providing a high-level review of those applications
• The main requirements specified by the relevant institutions,
as ICAO and supporting material from other sources as Eurocontrol and EASA
• The generic approach to planning and implementing eTOD
in the national scope of a European State

All the theory will be reinforced with a practical demonstration exercise, in which the trainers will show eTOD calculation cases making use of specific CAD/GIS tools.

1 day
Price per participant:
880 EUR

Scheduled dates

  • Nov. 10, 2021 - Madrid