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AIM Advanced

ICAO AIM Documents: PANS-AIM, Digital Data Sets and Data Catalogue


The participant will be able to explain the content of Annex 15, ICAO Document 10066 PANSAIM Document and AIM Manual ICAO doc 8126. As well, the participant will describe the content of the Digital Data Sets and Data Catalogue.

Course content

  • • Aeronautical Data and Aeronautical Information. Other important concepts and definitions
    • Content of Annex 15 focusing on the restructuration of Amdt 40
    • Annex 15 chapters
    • Changes in Annex 15 with the implementation of Amdt 40 and subsequents
    • ICAO Quality requirements for aeronautical data: accuracy, integrity, resolution, completeness,
    timeliness, traceability and format
    • ICAO Document 10066, PANS-AIM. Content of chapters and Appendices
    • AIM Products
    • Aeronautical Information Updates
    • Digital Data Sets:
    • AIP
    • Terrain Data
    • Obstacle Data
    • Instrument Flight Procedures
    • Airport Mapping Database
    • PANS-AIM Appendix 1: Aeronautical Data Catalogue
    • PANS-AIM other Appendices
    • ICAO Doc 8126. AIM Manual – Volumes and Content
2 days
Price per participant:
1,100 EUR

Scheduled dates

None, request by mail