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AIM Advanced

New SNOWTAM Format


The participant will be able to explain the differences between the current SNOWTAM format and the new one, List the changes and apply the new rules and recommendations.

Course content

  • • SNOWTAM concept and changes
    • Current SNOWTAM Format. Reporting format for assessing and reporting runway surface
    • Global Reporting Format (GRF)
    • Runway Condition Report (RCR). Runway Surface Condition Assessment and reporting
    • Methods of assessing Runway Surface Conditions
    • New SNOWTAM Format
    • Instructions for the completion of the new SNOWTAM format
    • Aeroplane Performance calculation section
    • Situational awareness section
    • Examples of completed SNOWTAM with the new format
1 day
Price per participant:
700 EUR

Scheduled dates

None, request by mail