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AIM Basic

Air Navigation for AIS


This course will enable the participant to demonstrate familiarization with the earth, the reference points, direction etc. and to differentiate different types and characteristics Navigation Aids. Teaching methods include Classroom. This course is open to current and future AIS/AIM Officers. This course is administered with a minimum of 4 participants.

Course content

  • The Earth
    • Reference points, lines, direction, distance and position
    • Geodetic concepts, vertical/horizontal reference systems
    • Magnetic field, temporal reference systems
  • Projections
  • Applied navigation
    • Distance between two points, types of aircraft speed
  • Navigation aids
    • Ground based systems (NDB, VOR, TACAN, ILS)
    • On-board systems and instruments
  • Flight procedures
    • Holding, IAP, STAR, SID
3 days
Price per participant:
1,100 EUR

Scheduled dates

None, request by mail