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AIM Basic

AIS Basics for Aerodromes


Course content

This course explains the main concepts of AIS in the contest of Aerodromes and explains the AIM Products and their ICAO reference documents. Participants will be familiar with AIS Data Process and the role of the Aerodromes as Data Originators.

• Principles of AIS. Aerodromes and AIS. ARO and Facilitation.

• AIS and AIM Concepts and definitions.

• ICAO Documentation in AIS (Annex 15, PANS-AIM, AIM Manual)

• ICAO Documentation in Aerodromes (Annex 14)

• Responsibilities and functions of AIS. Responsibilities and functions of Aerodromes as Data Originators.

• AIM Products (formerly Integrated Aeronautical Information Package)

• Static and Dynamic Data

• NOTAM proposals and NOTAM creation.

•  SNOWTAM in Aerodromes.

• Aeronautical Data Chain and AIS Data Process. The Aerodrome roles and tasks.

• Coordination with surveyors, other data originators, AIS units, customers etc.

• Formal arrangements.

• Compiling and delivering static data to the next intended user.

• Process of raw data

• Aeronautical Data Quality in the contest of an Aerodrome.

• Integrated Briefing

• Equipment and software used in AIS

• Aeronautical Information Conceptual and Exchange Models (AICM and AICM)

• AIM strategy

5 days
Price per participant:
1,950 EUR

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