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AIM Basic

Overview of Aviation / ATM


This course is intended for Professionals requiring quick and efficient overview and introduction to aviation principles (e.g. engineering staff, sales staff). Teaching methods include Classroom training. This course is administered with a minimum of 4 participants.

Course content

  • Theory of Flight: Basic terms and concepts related to flying - basis for the entire aviation industry
  • Aerodrome: Overview of aerodrome layout, various service areas and technologies of an aerodrome
  • Airspace: Basic terms related to the concept of airspace - background knowledge required for associated technologies
  • ATM: Major actors and services of Air Traffic Management contributing to the safe conduct of flight
  • Terminology: Common practices in aviation communication
  • Air Navigation: Overview of basic navigation related principles and technologies
  • Aeronautical Data: Sources and accepted methods for managing aeronautical data
5 days
Price per participant:
1,900 EUR

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