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On August 12th 2021 the new Global Reporting Format will be implemented in Europe. On this date as well, the way NOF officers will be issuing SNOWTAM within the EAD will change. Join our virtual 1-day refresher to have an overview of the changes introduced to the EAD INO Application with the Release 12 Patch-set SNOWTAM. Additionally, a specialised seminar on the new format as specified in ICAO Doc 10066 (PANS-AIM) will be provided to assure that the contents learned will be well applicable on the job.

Course content

EAD Refresher Training: EAD INO Application (4 hours):

  • Overview of the changes introduced in the INO
    Application with R12 Patch-set SNOWTAM
  • Examples of completed SNOWTAM with the new format

Seminar: Basic Principles of new SNOWTAM Format (4 hours)

  • SNOWTAM concept and changes
  • Global Reporting Format (GRF)
1 day
Price per participant:
230 EUR

Scheduled dates

None, request by mail

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