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EAD Data User Training


This two day course off ers a complete view of all of the software available to data users. Modules include an introduction to the EAD, and a coverage of each software of interest for EAD users. Teaching methods include Classroom, PC training, Practice and Exercises. The course is administered with a minimum of 4 participants.

Course content

EAD General Concepts

  • Operational concept and procedures of EAD
  • EAD System architecture (subsystems, contingency etc)
  • EAD Service structure (Service Provider, IT Provider etc)
  • How to use the EAD Service Desk
  • Introduction to User Management
  • EAD Explorer and Single Sign-On

SDO Data User

  • SDO as the core service within the EAD framework
  • Structure and detailed description of functionalities
  • Data structure (AIXM), data hierarchy and versioning concept
  • Generating SDO reports
  • Defining SDO Reports

INO Data User

  • Structure and detailed description of functionalities
  • INO Data User relation to Static Data
  • AD, Area, Route, Narrow Route and Admin PIB
  • List of Valid NOTAM
  • Single NOTAM Retrieval
  • Finding aerodromes and FIR(s) within the application
  • Automatic delivery of PIB(s) (e-mail and printer)
  • Profile and Schedule Management
  • Route Management for Narrow Route PIB (creation, editing, checks)
  • Graphical Retrieval of PIB
  • NOTAM Ticker (real-time display of all incoming NOTAM in EAD)

Graphical Reporting

  • Purpose and scope of SDO Graphical Reporting Tool
  • Functionalities specifi c to the tool
  • User Preferences to personalize the tool by operator or organisation
  • Definition of Queries to the database and how to save them
  • Predefined Queries pre-programmed into the tool for commonly queried data
  • Redlining to draw text or shapes on the display
  • Geometry Tree showing the specific points and data that make up the selected element

Purpose and scope of INO Graphical Reporting Tool

  • Functionalities specific to the Tool
  • Retrieving and displaying PIB
  • Graphical display of NOTAM

PAMS Data User

  • Principles of Document Management System
  • Document types within PAMS
  • Concept of versioning
  • Structure and detailed description of functionalities
  • Search, download, viewing and printing functionalities
  • Shopping Cart
  • Metadata
  • Concept of access rights
  • Access to electronic AIP
  • Parallel working
2 days
Price per participant:
425 EUR

Scheduled dates

  • March 24, 2022 - Frankfurt
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